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How to capture growth in a declining food market

“We gained market share, when everyone else was losing!”

The Challenge:

“Our market share had been on decline…”

Chi Ltd is a Coca-Cola owned dairy and juice business in Nigeria.
The competitive category landscape in Juice & Dairy in Nigeria had become intense, with multiple players actively communicating and trying to own similar benefits to market leader Chi whose dairy and juice brands Hollandia and Chivita suffered from scattered and unstructured brand portfolios.

”The background was that although we were growing volume and revenue, our market share had been on a decline over a number of months which needed to be corrected. We also needed to refresh and revamp our brands. We desired to sharpen the Brand DNA of our 2 key brands, Chivita and Hollandia. The product range needed visual Consistency and Standardization across all variants and packs.”

– Oluwatoyin Nnodi – Marketing Director, Chi Ltd, Nigeria

The Task:

Develop two strong master brands!

Create a Masterbrand system
Chi was communicating on product level, hence lacking impact and synergies across their large portfolio. The need was to economise and strengthen the portfolios by developing two strong master brands.

Step 1: Create a clear brand benefit

By understanding the different nutritional drivers of the Juice and Dairy categories we could define how the two brands could drive value with Nigerian consumers. This established the Masterbrand DNA as close as possible to the respective Category Essence

Step 2: Create a portfolio structure based on nutritional drivers

The Masterbrand DNA could then be connected to the nutritional drivers of the category as pillars for a clear portfolio segmentation based on benefits.

Step 5: Create a brand book for the effective management of the two brands

Nothing is more important for the success of a new brand or a new strategy than implementation with those who shall be responsible for its daily management, and nothing is more important for the success of the implementation than the correct understanding of the insights and reasons behind the two new Masterbrands.

Artwork Build-up, Color Conversion & Legals

The Result:

“We gained market share, when everyone else was losing!”

“Feedback from consumers, our trade partners, and other stakeholders has been very positive this far. Our packs now stand out well on the shelves. With the execution of a number of sales and marketing initiatives, we delivered our 2023 business targets. This meant that we gained market share, when everyone else was losing!”

Oluwatoyin Nnodi – Marketing Director, Chi Ltd, Nigeria

Our Methodology ->

The BrandTorch: how to define the position and the expression of a purpose-driven brand

The torch is the name of HMT’s proprietary brand definition model, where the torch represents the two parts of the Brand Positioning Blueprint: The robust handle as the solid position and the flame as the inspiring expression. Both are guarded by the board and given to the management, who shall carry the torch. But it is the source of the brand that makes the difference when you have a purpose-driven brand like Chivita and Hollandia. The source is where the values and ethics of the brand live, which makes it critical to anchor this in the corporation. The brand source is what brings the fire to the torch and enables the very strong creative expressions and activities of the brand.

Brand Torch for purpose-driven brands

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