You focus on the change you want to see

An integrated process from insights to activation so we can partner with you all the way. The nutrition, health & wellness expertise requires a specific approach to strategy, creative execution and activation. Our process is underpinned by our proprietary methodology, developed specifically for the nutrition market: the FourFactors® Brand Acceleration System, tried & tested in 60 countries, and 6 continents. Together we create change that delivers tangible outcomes.

We create the steps that will take you there

We offer a tailored journey to successful change for your brand and business. A team of experts that integrates change through each step of the way. You get speed to success – from purpose to point of purchase. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll set up a call!

“The process with HMT helped us turn our founder’s purpose into an articulated market entry strategy with a clearly positioned brand in a surprisingly short time! The expertise and experience of HMT’s international team really helped us to move faster.” – Kenth Lindvall, CEO The Green Dairy 





We go the extra mile to ensure your brand activation is flawless by providing the right activation support across the 360 online and offline channels: social media, campaigns, newsletters, webinars, investor pitch, and more!