Brands driven by Purpose

Successful players in food & health put purpose before product and consumers before technology.

Our FourFactors® Brand Torch methodology is used for purpose-driven brands who aim to stand out in the crowded market of food & health. The process helps to find your true differentiator to create a strong brand position and story that helps you cut through the noise. With this clear direction, HMT provides support all the way from brand purpose to point of purchase to ensure the strategy is seamlessly translated into a differentiating visual identity. So your brand engages with all stakeholders and stands out on all touchpoints.

“We had world class science, but we didn’t know how to tell our story to create the value we saw in the company.”

– Björn Öste,  co-founder Oatly, Sweden

FourFactors® Brand Torch

The FourFactors® Brand Torch supports creating purpose-driven brands and making them stand out in a crowded market. The Brand Torch consists of the following elements:

  • The source of the flame is the founder’s purpose & mission.
  • The handle captures the hard facts from the consumer and competitor context to define the key brand insight.
  • The flame is what will attract consumers (and partners!). It defines the creative brand elements to be used in communication. 

The Brand Torch functions as a brand management tool and should be able to be passed on to different stakeholders without losing its flame i.e. the brand essence.

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From brand purpose to point of purchase

Craft the brand purpose

Identify the growth insight

Articulate the brand benefits

Create an impactful brand story

The tangible expression of brand positioning by translating the purpose into a distinctive story that engages and invites the target audience to your brand world.

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