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We are a global team that works across all time zones with diverse cultures and academic backgrounds (from marketing & communication to nutrition). This allows us to understand the market on a global level, but we can also take a deep dive into specific topics and local cultures. We pull together the best team for you, delivering workshops of the highest quality, wherever you are.

Peter Wennström

Founder & Expert Consultant 
Malmö, Sweden

Aurore de Monclin

Managing Partner & Head of Consulting
Paris, France

Maria Pavlidou

Senior Strategy
Barcelona, Spain 

Brigitte Zeller

Senior Strategy

Deepak Gunvante

Senior Strategy

Felicia Wennström

Head of Creative
Stockholm, Sweden

Marit Veenstra

Project Manager & Creative Strategist
Maastricht, Netherlands

Johanna Åhling

Junior Designer
Stockholm, Sweden

Ida Mao

Project Manager & Strategist
Malmö, Sweden

Thanyathorn Wongnitchakul

Insights Expert
Bangkok, Thailand

Svea Anstis

Insights Expert
Malmö, Sweden