B2B2C building partnerships and long-term value

Successful B2B players in food & health move beyond just selling ingredients. The ultimate goal is to create long-term value for your business by becoming your customers’ innovation partners.

“The lasting impact of the FourFactors® is that it morphs the relationships you can build with customers from transactional/ consultative to ‘embedded’ in their -and therefore your- success.” – Wouter Claerhout, Chief Marketing Officer, Former Global Head of Marketing at DSM Nutritional Products

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From ingredient seller to innovation partner

When you are seeking to add more value to your B2B business, start asking yourself the following questions:

Where do you currently put your focus as a B2B business?

How to move to the next level of your customer relationships?

Knowing your starting point and the end goal helps to develop the right activities to adopt a more customer and consumer-centric approach within your organisation, and create long-term value for your business.

Become innovation partner

Navigating trends

Concept creation

Innovation pipeline

Teambuilding events

Training & teambuilding events to create an aligned organisation which speaks the same language with a customer & consumer-centric approach.

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