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From a High-Tech Innovation Centre to a Brand Experience Centre

How do you bridge the gap between a high-tech facility and delivering an engaging customer experience? We supported a B2B packaging provider to turn their innovation centre into a brand experience centre from a B2B2C approach focusing on solving the challenges clients are facing. This shift empowered our client to leverage the centre as a sales tool and strengthen its brand and B2B2C approach.

Showroom experience

The Challenge

The client is a leading global packaging solutions provider, which, despite being a marvel of cutting-edge technology, struggled to create a meaningful customer experience in its innovation centre, leaving visitors disengaged and the sales team facing obstacles in leveraging its full potential.

The Solution

#1: B2B2C Segmentation Strategy
First, we created a customer segmentation to understand the needs, motivations and challenges per the client’s segments (beauty & home, pharma, food & beverage). In addition, we identified the sales gaps to create an understanding of how to tailor efforts to each segment, which allowed us to maximise engagement and satisfaction for their unique customers.

#2: Customer Journey Itineraries centring around consumer and brand experience
We created customer journey itineraries for the three segments, through co-creation workshops where also the client’s customers were involved. This allowed the transition from passively telling the story to actively showing the value proposition of the offerings. The brand experience centre’s itineraries were designed with three core principles: 

  1. The customer is the protagonist of the experience
  2. In-depth interaction focusing on consumer insights & product real-life experience
  3. Tangible outcome: customers always come out of the centre with a vision of success.

The Result

Brand Experience Centre
We introduced HMT’s FourFactors® at the core which guided the interaction at the four key stages (stations) of the customer journey:

Station #1: Consumer Insights
The first station immerses the customer in the consumer world to gain a deeper understanding of consumer needs and challenges related to packaging.

Station #2: Showroom 
This is the benefit station showcasing hero products and case studies relevant to each segment. Customers are able to physically interact with the products (by touching and feeling the products), establishing an emotional connection.

Station #3: Technology
This station immersed customers in the technology, highlighting the client’s capabilities through client testimonials and by showing the rational aspect of the products through videos on how the products are designed and manufactured.

Station #4: Brand
The journey is concluded at the brand station where discussions are held on how insights and technology can empower the customer’s brands. This station connected the dots, allowing customers to reflect on their experience and envision a successful future.

Our Methodology

The FourFactors®
The FourFactors® of Success is an innovation framework based on more than 15 years of analysis of success and failure factors in the global markets for healthy foods, beverages and dietary supplements that simplifies this equation for you. 

B2B2C Building partnerships and long-term value
Successful B2B players in food & health move beyond just selling ingredients/products. The ultimate goal is to create long-term value for your business by becoming your customers’ innovation partners. Knowing your starting point and the end goal will help to develop the right activities to adopt a more customer and consumer-centric approach within your organisation and create long-term value for your business.

How can we help?

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