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The Green Dairy



Creation B2B plant-based dairy brand

The Green Dairy was born out of Bofood, a Swedish pioneer in plant-based dairy production with a long history of developing tasty and convenient plant-based dairy products, both B2B and B2C. Bofood was founded in 2006 and was early involved in developing non-dairy ice cream products with distribution to leading retailers in European countries. Rooted in plant-based values, the founder believed it was their role as a food producer, to not just passively produce on order but also be active in the change for a healthier and more sustainable world.

“The process with HMT helped us turn our founder’s purpose into an articulated market entry strategy with a clearly positioned brand for the B2B market in a surprisingly short time! The expertise and experience of HMT’s international team really helped us to move faster.”
Kenth Lindvall, CEO at The Green Dairy 

The Challenge

The founder had the purpose of playing an active role in the transition to a healthier and more sustainable world. With a growing international demand for plant-based dairy products, the decision was taken to focus on B2B only, as they are in a position to help customers change faster. In addition, they changed the name from the anonymous Bofood to The Green Dairy as a signal that they are the first (or at least one of the very few) dedicated plant-based dairy producers.

So the task became clear:
Create a strong, leading international B2B brand in plant-based dairy

The Solution

The founder’s mission is to make plant-based the new normal for a healthy and sustainable food tradition – with plant-based dairy products that are healthy, nutritious, tasty, natural & sustainable.

When you are a purpose-driven company like The Green Dairy, the solution becomes clear: go back to the founder’s purpose and the company’s heritage as a starting point to create a strong brand positioning.

The Result

Through The Green Dairy’s experience, expertise & knowledge, they are an established B2B producer for e.g. retail and brand owners and can offer quick entry in this fast-growing plant-based market. Based on this, we clarified their positioning, created the visual identity and supported them in activating the brand online (LinkedIn, Website & Newsletter) based on their purpose for global expansion as the #1 dedicated plant-based dairy supplier.

For a Life in Balance, for a World in Balance.

How can we help?

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