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Ketoswiss / Brain Ritual

Switzerland / USA


Brain Ritual: making science accessible

Elena Gross is a former chronic migraine sufferer and neuroscientist. She has dedicated her life and scientific research to finding the best solution to relieve migraines after the medical system failed her many times. Based on scientific evidence and her personal experience, she developed a high-quality ketone-based supplement that is clean and natural, reduces migraines and has no nasty side effects.

The Challenge

How do you introduce a science-based migraine supplement based on ketone bodies, when the science behind the product is hard to understand for the average consumer? In addition, ketone bodies are associated with weight loss and dieting. So the challenge was to make the scientific story accessible to consumers by creating a trustworthy and lovable brand.

The Solution

From the discovery research, it became clear that the brand’s strength was in the purpose behind the science – the founder’s purpose: “I want to make you better without making you worse at the same time.” To make this come alive in the brand, we had to move from a rational to emotional positioning and storytelling to really connect with the target group who have lost faith in the system – and are seeking new solutions to gain back the trust & hope they’ve lost. With the founder’s personal story and experience, it became clear that the purpose supported the connection with the target group and the start of a community: “from one migraineur to another“.

The Result

To make the brand purpose come to life, we changed the name from Ketoswiss to Brain Ritual – to create this emotional connection. With Brain Ritual, we created a lifestyle self-care brand that disrupts the current treatment of migraine (without the nasty side effects of pharma, based on scientific research on the evolutionary cause of migraine). With empowering self-care rituals for brain health, Brain Ritual wants to remove the stigma around migraine to help migraineurs reclaim their lives.

Brain Ritual, a new ritual for the migraine brain

Our Methodology

The BrandTorch: how to define the position and the expression of a purpose-driven brand

The torch is the name of HMT’s proprietary brand definition model, where the torch represents the two parts of the Brand Positioning Blueprint: The robust handle as the solid position and the flame as the inspiring expression. Both are guarded by the board and given to the CEO, who shall carry the torch. But it is the source of the brand that makes the difference when you have a purpose-driven brand like Brain Ritual. The source is where the values and ethics of the brand live, which makes it critical to anchor this in the corporation. The brand source is what brings the fire to the torch and enables the very strong creative expressions and activities of the brand.

Brand Torch for purpose-driven brands

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