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B2B supplement technology storytelling

The Vitux Group is the company behind the revolutionary and patented ConCordix technology. ConCordix “Smart Chews” is an innovative delivery form of dietary supplements available for 3rd party manufacturing. The organisation is established in Oslo with a manufacturing site in Andenes, Norway. They serve customers globally, helping them to excel and differentiate in their markets by offering healthy and high-quality nutritional supplements.

“We had the ambition to strongly position the ConCordix brand in the global dietary supplement market as well as creating alignment and belief within the organisation”
– Koen Jacobs, former Global Marketing Director at Vitux Group

The Challenge

The company was ready to move from start-up to scale-up by engaging with the US market – the biggest dietary supplement market. However, now that supplement gummies have become a commodity, the market is looking for something innovative and healthy. The challenge was that Concordix was having too many primary selling points which made the positioning together with its messaging unclear and inconsistent.

The Solution

The brand was repositioned based on HMT’s interactive FourFactors® methodology. The process helped to align the Vitux team and to look at where they play now vs where they wanted to go with the ConCordix Smart Chews and identify the potential and opportunities. Going back to the technology inventor and understanding his ‘why’,  helped reveal the technology’s core. Based on this, the brand positioning was built from a B2B2C perspective, delivering the foundation for the inspiring new storytelling narrative. 

The Result

#1: The Concordix Smart Chews brand’s positioning was rebuilt as the natural way to ingest nutrients: the process of chewing, swallowing and digesting increases the absorption of nutrients and removes the barriers to supplementation. Going back to the founder’s founding idea became the storytelling foundation of the revolutionary technology that mirrors the structure of food. This purposeful narrative transformed into clear and consistent brand positioning and communication based on the internal knowledge of the Vitux team. 

#2: The co-creation sessions allowed various departments to play an active role in the process. This helped to create alignment in the company and brand and to motivate the brand to live in every department.

And one more result! Concordix attracted the top 10 US supplement brands, winning the prestigious Nutra Ingredient Award best Omega product in 2021 and finalist kids product in 2022.

Our Methodology

The BrandTorch: how to define the position and the expression of a purpose-driven brand

The Torch is the name of HMT’s proprietary brand definition model, where the torch represents the two parts of the Brand Positioning Blueprint: The robust handle as the solid position and the flame as the inspiring expression. Both are guarded by the board and given to the CEO, who shall carry the torch. But it is the source of the brand that makes the difference when you have a purpose-driven brand like Concordix. The source is where the values and ethics of the brand live, which makes it critical to anchor this in the corporation. The brand source is what brings the fire to the torch and enables the very strong creative expressions and activities of the brand.

Brand Torch for purpose-driven brands

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