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From Sustainability Activism to Mass Market Success

The client is a service provider dedicated to combating food waste through an online platform connecting food service and industry with consumers. The company demonstrates to be successful as they have rapidly grown from a local to a global business, being one of the leading players in their category. But growth goes hand in hand with challenges. Find out below how we have supported them overcome them!

The Challenge

With rapid growth comes the need to strengthen the brand’s core identity and internal alignment around the brand’s purpose.  The brand’s purpose is ambitious with a focus on a sustainability cause, but this results in the challenge of reaching a wider audience in the mass market, where motivations are not driven by sustainability.

The Need:

  • Define the target audience and the value proposition for them.
  • Establish the brand’s category and market positioning by understanding the competitive landscape
  • Develop a cohesive brand strategy that reflects the company’s identity and purpose that resonates across all stakeholders

The Solution

#1 Consumer-Centric Approach
Understanding the target audience and their motivations is critical to unlocking growth – and to create a new daily habit, the client must comprehend both rational and emotional consumer benefits, clarifying who the brand serves and what benefits it offers.

#2 Strategic Positioning
In a crowded sustainability landscape, the client must differentiate itself further and take a prominent position to stay ahead.

The Result


#1 Turning the mission into an everyday positive habit
Having a purpose is critical but you must ensure to anchor it as an everyday reality so that consumers can join that mission on a daily basis.

#2 Find the highest common motivating benefits among consumers
Find a common motivating benefit among your different consumers and unite them based on aspiration rather than rational benefits.

#3 Define and own the category
Clearly identify and carve out your distinctive space within your industry or market segment that you can own. Become the go-to choice for consumers seeking solutions or products within that specific category.

#4 Keep the brand promise simple, engaging and positive
An effective brand promise can serve as a guiding light for your marketing and consumer engagement efforts, helping you build trust and loyalty among your audience.

How to unlock growth?

  • Have a consolidated brand positioning for diverse consumer targets.
  • An overarching emotional benefit that makes the mission relatable to multiple consumer targets.
  • Clear dominance to reposition competitors and strengthen market leadership.

This strategic evolution positions the client as a unified brand, bridging the gap between activism and consumer convenience. Through a deeper understanding of consumers, strategic positioning, and a refined brand essence, the client not only strengthens its market presence but also empowers consumers to embrace food-saving practices while feeling good about their choices.

How can we help?

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