Download the mental well-being report

Mental well-being has been a game-changing shift that has become relevant for ALL brands in food and health. In this report, you will discover the consumer mindset shift from physical to mental health, with 17 trend expressions and 48 brand examples. Understand how to leverage the mental well-being trend with the 4 identified brand activation strategies and practical toolbox.

The game-changing shift from physical health to mental well-being

Key takeaways from the report

#1: Mental well-being is THE game changer and all companies in food and health must master this to win with their brand in today’s consumer market.

#2: Mental well-being is expressed in the areas of holistic nutrition, sports, climate and self-care. The examples selected from across the world demonstrate the new story that will address the consumer mindset shift from physical to mental health.

#3: There are 4 different consumer narratives with corresponding strategies that can help with your brand positioning and storytelling: reflect consumer’s lifestyle choices and make them feel good, connect to their emotions, link them back to their roots and traditions or decide to sell a full ritual and experience and not just a product.

#4: The checklist and the FourFactors® Brand Acceleration framework help you select the right trend and consumer narrative for your market and target consumer. There is no one size fits all.