Download the triggers & barriers for mass market entry Report

This report is for start-ups and scale-ups in food & health who want to understand how to grow their brand from a niche position into the mass market. It is based on research in collaboration with Lund University that identified the crucial consumer triggers and barriers in the mass market, combined with our global experience of the most critical failure factors in the evolution from a startup to a successful branded business – the crossroads between lifestyle niche and mass market.

Evolve from a start-up niche to a successful branded business

Key takeaways from the report

#1: There are two consumers on each side of the crossroads: the lifestyle consumers who want products that fit their belief systems and the early mass consumers seeking convenient solutions to their needs.

#2: In the plant-based category, these crossroads are represented by vegan consumers driven by ethical beliefs and flexitarian consumers driven by taste and health benefits.

#3:Apply the triggers of awareness, acceptance, familiarity & availability and remove the barriers of antipathy, accessibility, price and taste to make mass market consumers love your brand.