We are now officially launching HMT Creative as an extension of our services

Dear HMT Friends,

We are now officially launching HMT Creative as an extension of our services. This turns HMT into a one-stop-shop agency for international brand building in food and health. We take you from consumer trends to market entry strategies; from brand positioning to brand communication and design including advice on nutritional labeling and claims.

Born by customer demand for one-stop-shop services
HMT’s Creative services were born by customer demand for our expertise to also bridge the gap between the marketing function and the external as well as internal agencies whose general competence doesn’t cover the special complexity of the health and wellness categories. This includes both the deeper consumer understanding as well as the experience of what works and what doesn’t in different parts of the world when you want to market products and services with health propositions. Not to mention when you balance health and sustainability.

…For Game Changing Brands
The initial request for creative services came from smaller and more local brands as you can see from the examples we showcase today. Many are what you could define as startups in a second stage where they need to create a platform for growth. Their journey started with a founder’s purpose and that is also where we start to create a purpose driven positioning in a co-creation process with the client where the creative thinking starts already in the brand strategy process.
A seamless process for speed and precision
We should also say cost effective because we are very fast. Most likely we already know your market, your category, your competition, and your consumers. It comes from the simple fact that The HMT has been working in this field since 2007 and have in-market experience of running projects in over 60 countries on 6 continents. Add to this the research we have done in cooperation with our university partners on topics ranging from consumer segmentation in health, motivational factors for the choice of healthy products, brand narratives, and packaging signals.

To learn more about the HMT Creative step-by-step journey download HMT Creative Process 

“Already when I started HMT the mission was set to help companies to “better targeted brands, faster to market”. The initial focus was to bridge R&D and Marketing and create alignment on a consumer-centric positioning that was both motivating and differentiating. Now we are adding the bridge between marketing and execution.”

– Peter Wennström, Founder & Lead Consultant of The Healthy Marketing Team

Are you interested in how we can create your brand identity? Reach out to our Head of Creative here.