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    The Stories You Need To Tell For Brand Success


    How To Leverage the Latest Health Trends to Empower Your Brand


    Bro.Science And The Digital Future
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    The Meatless Future
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    What Is Swedishness?
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    In search of the future consumer

    In essence, the HMT ConsumerLab is a think tank where student researchers supported by industry professionals blend fresh new research with proven market strategies. It is an opportunity for theory to meet practice to understand the cultural and social phenomena driving the future of the health and wellness market. The results will be compatible with the FourFactors Brand Acceleration System and applied in our consulting practices with new and sharper tools to get better targeted innovations faster to market.

    Cultural Analysis for richer market research

    Our researchers from Lund University use qualitative methods to deepen market knowledge. While markets have traditionally been understood in terms of numbers; how many are spending how much, ethnographic market research uses methods rooted in anthropology to understand the base drivers of consumers preferences and practices.

    The ultimate goal of the HMT ConsumerLab is to be constantly ideating around the following 3 questions:

    1. How Can Brands Better Adapt to the fast changing consumer landscape?
    2. How Can Consumers Be Better Segmented in an era of global influences and technological changes?
    3. How Can Brands Position Themselves in connection to defined consumer identities and behaviours without losing sight of their own identity?


    Gamechanging Research

    As the world of food and nutrition is changing along with its consumers, brands must adapt and find the right ways to tell and channel their stories. Our Gamechanger Trend Report 2020 connects latest trends, consumer drivers and brand storytelling, illuminating the stories you need to tell for brand success in 2020.

    Our Gamechanger Trend Report 2019 identified 19 key trends driving the future of the health and nutrition market. Our Cultural Analysts created research projects around key trends in the report in order to create working recommendations for brands and companies seeking to grow their expertise in the field of plant-based meats, cultural heritage and sports nutrition.

    Healthy Agers and How They Do Health

    A FourFactors® research report on healthy ageing in collaboration with Lund University,

    with insights on how to bridge the gap between values and aspirations that can help drive brands and products to champion Healthy Agers.

    Download a summary of the project.

    The Meatless Future

    Sahra Rosenkvist explores belief systems around Plant Based Eating, read the article here.

    Download a summary of the project.

    What is Swedishness?

    By Oleg Trofimov seeks to understand the role of country of origin for the health perception of a brand. Read the article here.

    Download a summary of the project.

    Bro.Science and the Digital Future

    by Max Gonen investigates how idenity is driving men’s sports nutrition purchases. Read the article here.

    Download a summary of the project.


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