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Determining Motivation and Perception to Change Behavior in Dutch Flexitarian Consumers - HMT ConsumerLab Report

On which motives and perceptions do flexitarians base their food choices? How can we understand the choices the flexitarian consumer makes?

Download the presented thesis results here.

HMT Global GameChangers Report 2021 - HMT Global GameChangers

Fast forward to the mass market!

Where to play and how to win in 2021?

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HMT Global GameChangers Report 2020 - HMT Global GameChangers

The stories to tell for brand success in 2020.
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Healthy Ageing Report - HMT ConsumerLab Report

An in-depth report on healthy agers and how they do health:
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HMT Global GameChangers Report 2019 - HMT Global GameChangers

How to leverage the latest health trends to empower your brand. Order the report.

Bro. Science 2.0: Men's Sport's Nutirition in the Digital Future - HMT ConsumerLab Report

Our ConsumerLab analyst Max Gonen investigates how idenity is driving men’s sports nutrition purchases. 
 the summary of the project.

The Meatless Future - HMT ConsumerLab Report

Sahra Rosenkvist explores belief systems around Plant-Based Eating. Read the article. 
 the summary.

What is Swedishness? - HMT ConsumerLab Report

HMT ConsumerLab analyst Oleg Trofimov seeks to understand the role of country of origin for the health perception of a brand. Read the article. 
the summary.

HMT Brochure - About HMT

A four page introduction to Healthy Marketing Team: Download here

How Can We Help - About HMT

A short introduction to how we recently have helped our clients: Download here

CIG Brochure - About CIG

A four page introduction to Co-Innovation Group:

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Do you have the right innovation culture to win? - Post event report

Learnings from our innovation culture audit at Vitafoods Europe 2017: Download here