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Consumer Triggers and Barriers for mass market entry - HMT Expert Report

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HMT Global GameChangers Report 2021 - HMT Global GameChangers

Fast forward to the mass market! Where to play and how to win in 2021?

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HMT Global GameChangers Report 2020 - HMT Global GameChangers

The stories to tell for brand success in 2020.
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Healthy Ageing Report - HMT ConsumerLab Report

An in-depth report on healthy agers and how they do health:
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HMT Global GameChangers Report 2019 - HMT Global GameChangers

How to leverage the latest health trends to empower your brand. Download here.

Bro. Science 2.0: Men's Sport's Nutirition in the Digital Future - HMT ConsumerLab Report

Our ConsumerLab analyst Max Gonen investigates how idenity is driving men’s sports nutrition purchases. 
 the summary of the project.

The Meatless Future - HMT ConsumerLab Report

Sahra Rosenkvist explores belief systems around Plant-Based Eating. Read the article. 
 the summary.

What is Swedishness? - HMT ConsumerLab Report

HMT ConsumerLab analyst Oleg Trofimov seeks to understand the role of country of origin for the health perception of a brand. Read the article. 
the summary.

HMT Brochure - About HMT

A four page introduction to Healthy Marketing Team: Download here

How Can We Help - About HMT

A short introduction to how we recently have helped our clients: Download here

CIG Brochure - About CIG

A four page introduction to Co-Innovation Group:

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Do you have the right innovation culture to win? - Post event report

Learnings from our innovation culture audit at Vitafoods Europe 2017: Download here